Culture has taught women how to give our power away, and in this training you’ll learn how to activate your personal power so you can strengthen your wings to fly.

Today is the day where you begin to reject the roles and limitations that have been placed on you so you can step into your personal power.

Here's What You'll Learn in This Training:

  • How to change the way you see yourself

  • How to identify the "assignments" in your life that are suffocating your personal power

  • Ways you can start giving yourself permission to grow

  • How to determine for yourself what it means to be a woman of power

  • PLUS Guided exercises that you can practice whenever you want

Feedback from the Collective:

It’s really hard to “delete” those negative messages.

Suzanne S.

The battlefield truly is in the mind. For me it’s been a process and I’m still learning. Thank you Mo for your powerful words and for ensuring that the next generation learns how to speak life over themselves.

OMG yes!

Dee W.

I sent a message yesterday that I know that I would have never done it a year ago. But, when you know your worth and power…You have ZERO TOLERANCE! Love this!

And the very moment you realize that you do have power...

Shanda S.

You begin to utilize it in the way it’s meant to be, is the moment you begin to live and your life expands.

Course curriculum

    1. Training Intro

    2. Training Guidebook

    3. See Yourself

    4. Declare Your Independence

    5. Honor You With Your Words

    6. Training Closing

    7. One-Question Survey

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